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Alongside our already established Fall wardrobe, we often forget to adorn our perfectly styled outfits, (sweaters and plaid trousers wit a pair of ankle boots, amirite?) with an equally stylish piece of jewelry. Personally, accessorizing with a pair of earrings, bracelets or necklaces is more of a summer phenomenon, but since life is an endless learning curve, we took it upon ourselves here at TWC HQ to spruce things up this season and venture into jewelry territory. Luckily for us, the selection is looking promising, with a mix of 80s inspired shine, old school pearls, chunky chains and summer favorites like sea shells.

To start things off,  I must point out that I feel like there exist two extremes or types of women – type A over accessorizes and believes in the motto more is more, while B relies on trustworthy pieces that are never taken off and are part of her daily uniform – think a watch, wedding band, engagement ring or that charm necklace/pendant which is a family heirloom passed down through generations.

Now whichever category you fall in, your approach to jewelry dressing (is that a word?) will be widely different. One thing that we all have in common and believe in, that’s that it often seems a tad unapproachable, especially when it comes with a hefty price tag. Sure, an expensive watch or pair of diamond earrings that was gifted to you to mark a celebratory occasion, forms part of everyone’s jewerly box, but those gifts happen once in a lifetime. But for the rest, how can we go by shopping for a piece without shelling out thousands of pounds?

By investing our hard-earned cash in relatively affordable pieces by designers and brands that believe the price tag doesn’t always reflect the quality and craftsmanship. That’s how!

Unfortunately for the past years, it was quite difficult to come by high quality, beautifully created jewelry that didn’t look tacky, cheap and didn’t turn your skin green after a few wears and tears. Thankfully, while those still very much exist – a new wave of brands took it upon themselves to provide more transparency in their pricing methods, without sacrificing the look and feel of their pieces. In fact, you can pretty much find anything from timeless jewelry to more costume and contemporary designs, under £300 that will still spark the curiosity of your roommate or work colleague on your next outing.

To give you an idea of what it’s like to spend less, without foregoing the look, we scoured high and low for the most promising brands that provide us with the ultimate jewelry finds that will match our Fall turtlenecks, right from now through the holiday season.

Expect a blend of classic and timeless pieces like pearls and charms, and current trends like rhinestones, chunky linked chains and tortoiseshell. Shop ahead!







Featured images via Zara

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