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Since the inception of The Weekly Cut, the pursuit to seek for the most useful, versatile, stylish and often overlooked pieces has been a big part of our modus operandi. The thrill to find the best deals, without sacrificing on quality and style is especially present this time of year, when to-do lists like running errands before the holidays, attending Christmas work parties, Secret Santa parties with friends and getting on time to work in the morning often leave you feeling tired, stressed and forgetful!

And though it happens to the best of us, forgetting to check off every single person from from your friends & family list is often inevitable. Which is why I felt it our duty to dedicate a full feature to last-minute gifting ideas just a mere days before the big day. Not only had we been getting requests on what to get someone’s sister for her combined birthday and Christmas gift, or how to show appreciation for a huge favor your work colleague did for you, and even what to get that guy you’ve been dating for just about 3 months, yet don’t want to splurge on anything, in fear of jinxing your future together. Most importantly, if saving up during the year for wonderful, expensive gifts hasn’t been your priority, you’ll want to limit yourself to a certain price point. After a short discussion, we came to the conclusion that £100 is the acceptable amount to spend on a holiday gift without the fear of splurging too much or spending not enough. To our delight, there’s plenty to choose from, especially since we’ve already entered the winter sale season, which means that the choice is even larger and merrier!

Enter our curated selection of last-minute Christmas/birthday/secret santa/holiday/new year’s gifts – from embellished skipping ropes to pack into any carry-on, the satin-slip skirt we swear by, the odd Christmas jumper, trendy sunglasses, stylish sneakers to home decor pieces, scroll through to shop and let us know what you’ve been adding to your carts in preparation to the holidays!

Featured images via H&M

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