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Bring on the spring, we’re ready for you Mother Earth. Whilst we experienced warm weather for a limited only 2-day duration just last week, we’re not giving up hope on the good times and summer-like mood to roll around on its second attempt. Of all the summer trends we’ve observed over the past fashion week, we can’t help but fall back onto timeless classics reinvented into modern designs and colour palette.

When I catch a glimpse of my closet and peruse what I’ve worn on repeat in the past years and never failed me, it always comes down to linen. The feather-light fabric, widely used across designer collections for spring/summer seasons, is one of the most comfortable, casual and elegant materials to wear during warm weather. It’s so in line and synonymous with the word *summer*, it almost only makes sense to pack solely linen-made pieces into our next warm weather holiday suitcase.

In my dream life, I picture myself strolling around in linen shirts all year long, alternating between tucking it into a pair of denim cut-offs or cinching it at the waist with the help fo a thin belt or prominent Western buckle style. Only adding to the equation that wearing a fitted linen shirt during spring time adds a touch of elegance and chic to every look, instantly giving you a sense of what the typical French girl would dress as come summer time, while frolicking through the narrow streets of Paris or through a farmer’s market in southern Provence.

From loose oversized shirts to wrap skirts, off shoulder crop tops, jumpsuits and dresses, we know we’re not the only ones thinking about investing in a couple of classic pieces that fit just perfectly for a summer barbecue or a 4-hour lunch overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on top of one of the Amalfi Coast’s most coveted beach-side restaurants.

Scroll through for the 18 pieces we’re ready to spend a portion of our pay-check on:

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