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Last week, we took it upon ourselves to take a deep dive into our closets in search for the ultimate long weekend look. This was no easy feat – we want to make sure to only pack the necessary and filter out any what we like to call “what if” outfits. Sure, there’s always a 0.01% chance that a sudden party has an 80’s dress code you forgot to read on the invite, and sure the weather *might* clear up by the second day. But the remaining 99% will most likely point you into just one weather and circumstance direction. So why overpack?

I’ll tell you why, it’s because like in life we like to have options. They offer endless possibilities, make you daydream about potential outcomes and just generally make you happier. The only problem is that you end up packing for a week although you’re only gone for probably less than 48 hours. So in order to avoid this happening starting from Memorial Day weekend all throughout Labor Day, we’re planning ahead. Quick warning: while you go through the packing process, you’ll still hear the nagging inner voice begging you to take along a pair of cowboy boots *just in case* you think they fit better with that pair of denim cutoffs or floral prairie dress. But don’t kid yourself – in 20+ degree weather, your boots ain’t got no chance of seeing the light of day (or the outside of your suitcase for that matter).

The good news is that in England, we have the pleasure of enjoying a multitude of so-called Bank Holidays, meaning a long weekend. They are spread across the months between April and September and are a true delight when you have an itch to get out of the city, rain and lack of sun. Luckily for us, it’s been almost 10 years since I moved here and I now consider myself an expert in the field of long weekend packing. I’ve gone through enough mishaps and lack of clothing for appropriate weather and events, that I now strictly pack the bare minimum.

From well-fitting base layers, to trendy pieces adding to the fun, and one outfit *only* for every night out, you’ll be surprised to find out how much you can pack into a cabin-sized suitcase. If there’s a slight chance of rain throughout the weekend, I beg you, do not bring your suede strappy sandals. It is only May and I’m sure you don’t want them to get ruined before July 4th. Even though the weather forecast predicts sunshine every day, remember that nights can get chilly so bring a sweater. One, not 5. And no, you don’t need to bring the striped one, the half turtleneck, the cashmere and a cropped one. One will suffice, I promise. There’s a possibility you’ll spend the day at the beach and it’s warm enough to slip into a swimsuit? Limit that to two options maximum. Lastly, when it comes to bags, we recommend travelling with a big tote and adding smaller bags for the weekend. Think a crossbody bag for the day and an elegant clutch at night. You won’t need multiple leather handbags just for 2 days. And before we forget – don’t pack any shoes that will ruin your feet. Remember, you’re only bringing the bare essentials so you won’t have your closet at your disposal to pick other styles!

Ready for Memorial Day and the Spring Bank Holiday? Shop our edit of long weekend-approved styles to create the most summery looks. Get your sun hat out and prepare dinner al fresco, here’s your packing checklist!

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