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Nothing screams more holiday season than something that shimmers, something that glitters and that overall adds a little oomph to your outfit. The easiest way to look festive without actually throwing on a bunch of glitter is by putting on something metallic, without being too shiny, but just the right amount of spotlight you crave for. While metallics are a recurring trend year after year, there’s something about them that screams less trend, and more timeless.

From adding a subtle touch like a thin scarf around your neck, or a pair of stockings peaking through, there are a multitude of ways to embrace the trend without looking like a disco ball. What’s more, it’s the perfect last minute outfit idea when the last thing on your mind includes threading through your closet looking for a fitting holiday party look. Consider them the middleman between a plain black mini dress and a full on sequinned gown, or the intermediary that guarantees you’ll earn points for dressing for the occasion but don’t leave everyone you greet drowning in a sea of sparkles. Sold yet?

Now, in hopes not to look like a space invader, a character out of Star Wars or like you just came back from Burning Man – let’s break down the various paths you could take on the road to holiday dressing in metallics.

First up, there’s the full metallic look you could pursue with something like this, or this jumpsuit. Then you could do a half basic, half metallic color way with an understated top and these trousers; or swap that out for a look that says party at the top, comfort at the bottom with this blouse and this skirt. When we’re really not in the mood for going out but our social calendar gives us no choice, we like to opt for a twist on a little black dress that just has a small hint of metallic like this one by Rotate. Go all out with a bright puffer like this one by Nike, guaranteed to get you seen no matter where you are; and if you’re lucky enough to escape the cold for the beach, why not retire your current swimwear with something a little spicier like this two-piece by Lisa Marie Fernandez, currently 50% off?

There’s plenty to choose from – and if metallic really isn’t your cup of tea, why not start by trying it out at the gym? Mix a pair of silver leggings with a plain top, or the other way around and see how you like it. But for now, scroll through to shop editor-approved picks to take you right through New Year’s eve.

Shop 32 metallic pieces to start the holiday season in style

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Elevate your evening wear this season by indulging in a few metallic pieces here and there. Shop our picks for holiday parties right here!