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There are many things to love about a seasonal change – think the weather, the blooming of nature and flowers, daytime savings time. But what really gets our heads turned is a good wardrobe contrast styling; one that truly stands out from the norm and makes a direct impact upon our eyes, and subsequently our wallets.

Ladies and gents, after succumbing upon way too many clickbait-worthy trends and semi-quirky style combinations, I believe we found the diamond in the rough. Forget red and pink or an all-black outfit, florals galore, prairie dresses or accessorising – this here is a blend of 2 of this season’s most sought after trends mixed together in a delicious mish-mash of delightfulness. Welcome aboard the train of neutrals and neons. The most classic earthy tones combined with a flash of bright color, and bam! You find yourself in the presence of a true artistic thunderstorm of a timeless look with a modern twist.

Some might call it a fashion contradiction – like when you spot a brocade dress with chunky sneakers or an oversized sweater over a silk slip skirt. Alas this isn’t some sort of seasonal transversion to go against one typical trend or style, but merely a form of self-expression where one is torn between going full neutral monotone or transgressing into foreign territory with an instant electric element found in a relatively bland color. Neon tones, in their defense have the ability to strike up a tone or look in an instant – it truly is an electric shock, so just try to picture for a second how the combination of a calm neutral such as beige or eggshell will look in contrast with a bright yellow, lime or fuchsia. The mixing of extremes immediately creates a *party on the top, serious on the bottom* look, depending on which direction you’re going for, and that my friend shows true curiosity without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.

After all, isn’t everything we do in life supposed to be well-balanced, equal, aligned with our chakhras? That’s right, for the sake of shining spotlight of our current two favorite n’s, I will tilt to yoga and meditation if it means I’ll get you onboard this picturesque blend. Obviously this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and we get that, but try to think of it is as an in-between mood – when you’re just not sure whether you want that third glass of wine, or whether it’s time to call it a night. This statement truly depicts indecisiveness in its most elegant form – right in time for warm weather, and open to anything the future holds.

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Featured image via Lisa Says Gah / Instagram

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