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One look at the new arrivals section of Zara, and The Weekly Cut team was oohing and aahing at the sheer goodness of what’s to come. Though we like to do a roundup of note-worthy shopping picks every week or month depending on the season and retailer, this week’s feature deserves a particular spotlight. Not only are we being blessed with similar styles to our much coveted high end designers (no surprise there), the Spanish retailer also threw in wardrobe classic that will most definitely not age badly. Think soft leather pouches in shades of white, camel and black, as well as printed sets of both a shirt and trousers that double as home attire, as well as as a night time look out on the town.

There are so many ways to upgrade your wardrobe by adding a few pieces here and there, but it is particularly pleasant when the price tag doesn’t dig a hole into your bank account. Now I must be honest here and share with you that the past 2 months of Zara collections weren’t inherently out of this world, let alone worth a trip to one of their high street stores, but the new year looks mighty promising. It seems as though the first quarter of 2020 is filled with workwear staples that don’t make you dread being seen outside the office, flirty accessories that look like actual duplicates of luxury jewellery, and a whole bunch of essentials that are never not worth buying in bulk.

In terms of actual styles, we’re loving clean cuts, a monochromatic color palette, flattering shapes that can be both loose-fitting as well as cinched at the waist depending on your mood of the day, or carb intake at lunch! Fun prints we’re definitely looking to incorporate into new season looks are polka dots, striped dresses and a chic take on Hawaiian-style button downs. In terms of materials, Zara has mastered high quality and affordable leather trousers which we’re excited to wear into fall 2020, and warm chunky knits like this pocketed cardigan with matching top are sure winners. When it comes to denim, there’s only one thing that really sparked our interest and for which we had to do a double take, and that’s this knee-length midi skirt with an asymmetric slit and added belt. Not only can you wear it during fall/winter with a pair of knee high boots or pumps; we’ll also wear it at the first signs of spring, styled with a plain white t-shirt and sling backs. This is unlike any other denim skirt, and it’s definitely worth buying into!

Lastly, and because there is so much more to divulge, I want to make you aware of beautiful off-white tones that will without fail be spotted and worn worldwide. Get your hands on knitwear, boots or a silk top (scroll all the way up for the featured image!) in this versatile shade of white, and you’ll thank us later for mastering a clean, polished and elegant look. See for yourself as you scroll through our top 30 picks, and tag us with your favorites on Instagram by using the hashtag #theweeklycut

Featured images via Zara

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