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In our experience, thinking about the next season is a very effective way of combatting winter blues. Though we’re still far from spring, there’s no harm in perusing the aisles of what’s coming at us once the flowers start to bloom, and layers upon layers of clothing isn’t necessary anymore.

Curious to know if anyone else was as hyped about warmer weather months, I asked around in my circle of friends and family to tell me their thoughts. From pale skin complaints to borderline exhaustion of still having to carry around scarves, gloves, the occasional hat as well as an umbrella, it’s safe to say we’re all in the same boat. Not to forget, we are only January 10th, yet our mindset is already elsewhere. One might question whether that is a good thing or not – we’ll simply sit at our desks, sip on iced coffee and dream of florals.

Floral patterns and prints are as memorable for spring as that famous line in Devil wears Prada. After seeing it repeated over and over again ever since the movie came out in 2006, no spring/summer trend report is complete without a mention, and we’re not mad about it. Florals are reminiscent with sunshine, walks outside and long weekends which are all things to look forward to after a gruelling winter. Besides good weather and higher temperatures, we often turn to floral prints to add a more feminine and romantic touch to an outfit – a simple cropped blouse or skirt can turn a look from classic and safe to a tad more adventurous and colorful. Floral dresses on the other hand are huge hits for spring weddings and an easy choice to throw on when the thought process of picking an outfit isn’t your biggest priority in the morning.

But that’s not all, and while we’re all for jetting off to a warmer destination between January and March, you can go ahead with the trend and combine a piece or two into your winter looks in the meantime. We layer floral maxi skirts with a chunky knit for contrast, or pair a floral print dress with a set of western style boots, cinched at the waist with a statement belt and finished off with a shearling coat.

To highlight the trend further, we picked out a selection of floral pieces that are safe to wear year-round, or starting from March 20th, marking the official start of spring season.

Featured images via C/MEO Collective

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