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In the context of a winter wardrobe, the right knit is crucial. It serves as the underlying basic for any outfit and is the focal point of a look, considering there’s a high chance you’ll need to keep it on all day to avoid catching a cold. But I don’t have to tell you how important it is to put on the right sweater – you’ve been on Mother Earth long enough and know how to prepare for steep temperatures and the smug combination of rain and wind. Instead, I’m here to tell you about a whole *new* bevy of knitwear that we have seemingly forgotten about in the past few years.

Let’s call them *nouveau knits* for old time’s sake, and because anything french in conjunction with fashion and style adds a certain je ne sais quoi we all strive for. Right?

After perusing through all that’s on offer from some of our favorite retailers, followed by taking a deep breath and think about which sweaters could potentially make the list – we settled on the following 27 to satisfy every style palette in the book. First up, we got those really cold weather styles with a zip up neck, fleece fabric and chunky look. Followed by a more oversized statement, we love v-neck and off the shoulder styles like these by H&M and TWC go-to Naadam. Turtlenecks are an obvious choice for multiple reasons: no need to wear a scarf, which means 0 risk in losing said scarf! For a more dressed up look, we love to pair a fine knit turtleneck with pretty much everything from leather pants to a mini or pencil skirt. You’ll also spot a few vintage looks like this one by Free People, and a very appropriate après-ski pick by Perfect Moment in chic retro colours.

It’s never too early or too late to add another knit to your closet, but in order to avoid stocking up on similar styles or worse, duplicates – take a good look at what you already have and reach for a cut or colour you don’t have on hand yet!

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