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It might be hard to believe that summer is already coming to an end, but we like to view the end of it and the upcoming seasonal change as a motivating boost to start scouring the shops for new accessories, clothes and all things style. And since we usually like to get a little ahead of the competition by predicting what might be trending come Fall, we’re sharing and shining spotlight on the one bag trend that never goes out of style, screams practicality and most importantly, comes in all shapes and colours. Ladies, grab your oversized bags from out of your closet and reintroduce them into your daily wardrobe.

Most usually described as a tote, the oversized style is a definite staple in the accessories/bags department – whether made from raffia during summertime, leather in the winter or canvas for in-between seasons, the bag has become a favorite amongst it girls and street style icons such as the Olsen sisters and Victoria Beckham. It’s important to note that while you might at first steer away from designer bags due to their price tag – the tote style is generally on the lower-end spectrum because of how little stitching and craftsmanship goes into creating one. You’ll notice that a tote is often pretty light in weight as well, and doesn’t hold any unnecessary pockets or zips in order to fit as much as you possible. It’s become our companion when squeezing in a morning workout before heading into the office, since often rushed, it’s the most versatile bag to throw in a change of clothes, hair products and our skincare must-haves.

To make matters easier, we picked up 12 styles depending on taste and preference, from suede grey to white whicker, they’re ready to be loaded with anything from just a card holder, lipstick, keys and subway card to travel and mommy essentials, tech gadgets and more! 

Shop 12 editor-approved oversized totes for all your carry-on essentials 

Featured images via Vogue Spain / CollageVintage

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