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One of the last trend reports I read this weekend mentioned a surprising element resurfacing in this season’s fashion. It appears that yet another *ugly trend* is making waves, and we’re not sure we’re here for it. Ugly sneakers are still high in demand, despite their chunky and overbearing nature, and for those looking to match those with another ugly trend, let us introduce you to (or shall we say re-introduce) to oversized cargo pants, or a similar version of your standard DIY (c)overalls.

Call me old-fashioned, but where are all these oversized trends coming from? Cargo pants aren’t the only culprits here – see slouchy boots, oversized denim, and chunky knits with silk skirts tucked in between. Now sure the Olsen sisters were the pioneers of this style, and they’ve mastered it over the years calling it their signature look, but does this fashion trend suit everyone?

Not to sound like Carrie, but I can’t help but wonder why women globally, and especially during these past fashion weeks are following these looks – is it purely out of comfort? Hence an unlimited supply of carbs during a press lunch? Does it form part of their unique and personal style, or are they merely copying each other? We digged deep through the Internet and social media platforms and found a common thread – almost all of the looks were full oversized, meaning the person in question isn’t just wearing a pair of cargo pants with silk cami or fitted turtleneck sweater. In fact, I believe the pairing of all these pieces is what got us thinking twice (or cringe?).

Isn’t there an old saying that goes something along the lines of… less is more? The seasons are shifting and it appears that fashion itself is shifting to a less feminine and more neutral direction. Personally, I am more the type of gal that likes to add soft and elegant touches to my looks; but I’ve got to admit that I do at times, indulge in an oversized piece strictly to give my outfit less of a grown-up and stiff look.

Does that make sense? Either way, we pulled some of the most popular looks we’ve seen these past NYFW and LFWs, as well as some pieces to shop, should you wish to give this trend a try!

Shop the ultimate oversized looks with these editor-approved pieces

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