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Just as I thought that winter was over with the acclaim that all fashion weeks were underway and spring trends sectiosn in various editorials popped up more often than any other email in our inbox, I took a hard second look at what I had initially mentally labelled as ‘winter clothes’ to make room for next season’s wardrobe. The one item I thought would be an obvious ‘toss in the storage box to be reopened in 7 months from now’ turned out to be a pair of black leather pants.

Sure leather especially in the shape of trousers and more obviously in a dark hue like black is pretty synonymous with winter and cold weather. But what if I still needed them and would be able to craft some fresh spring looks around them? The same applies to another pair I got my hands on last year – cognac colored belted leather and one of this year’s additions include a soft green gem with a cropped fit and kick flare hems. The cold weather inevitably forces me to wear them with ankle boots in some form, but considering that the weather hasn’t substantially gotten warmer, perhaps it’s time to discover new ways to wear them. Say open-toe shoes? A pair of sling backs showing a sliver of ankle? A solid pair of loafers with elegant detailing? Yes please.

For these reasons *ALONE*, and that’s just when it comes to trousers and leggings, I consider leather or faux-leather, pleather and any other connotations used for a similar look and feel, the ultimate transitional material. Wear it from the end of February/mid-March up until it becomes unfathomable to attempt to slip into anything leather without feeling your entire body heating up a mere moments later.

But until then, and because we witnessed some beautiful creations made from some of our favorite designers, we’re rounding up a few of our top picks to wear from day to night. We’re looking at egg shell-hued high waisted mini skirts by Iro, short-sleeved shirts in soft camel tones and chic flip flops by Nanushka. This and this fringed but perfectly structured leather and suede jackets, and one pouch bag that’s made its way up to the topmost hotlist for spring/summer bag trends. Don’t hate us for the price tag, but this item definitely belongs in the must-have section of classic bags to invest in and wear time and time again for at least the next decade. This alone justifies its price and brings down the cost per wear to an acceptable retail price right?

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Featured images via Nanushka

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