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If the sold out polka dot maxi dress of Zara we’ve seen everywhere from a subway station entrance to a members’ club bar on a Saturday night is any indication, it’s  that black and white polka dots are trending this summer. And not just black and white, but the excessive amount of said dress we spotted over the past 2 months definitely is proof that the retro print will be in heavy rotation for the next months to come.

Every season we cherry-pick the trends that will constitute the majority of outfits worn by women worldwide – from summer classics like linen, raffia, and strappy sandals to more seasonal pieces like neon, heeled flip flops, and the odd short version you may or may not yet be on board with. Most importantly though, it’s key to have an arsenal of products that will keep you in summer mood, come rain or shine. For us, a flowy polka dot print fabric does just that. It’s colorful, doesn’t take itself too seriously, works just as well during daytime as in the evening, and can easily be layered in case of an unexpected chill.

Before you interrupt us and suggest choosing an animal print over polka dot, let us enlighten you with our latest discovery. As it appears, all it takes is one quick keyword search on Zara, and over 200+ results come up for anything ‘polka dot’ (men included!). Head over to Net-A-Porter, and the number goes as high as 300 products results! So what is it about this retro old school print that makes it so coveted and loved during hot summer months? We took a deep dive into fashion industry and came across some of our absolute favorite looks. From Linda Evangelista shot by Arthur Elgort for Vogue UK in 1987 to Princess Diana wearing a long-sleeved ruched at the waist dress in the same year, there’s clear evidence that the retro print fully does its job when it comes to dressing elegantly, with poise, resulting in inevitable allure and head turning! It’s no surprise that a similar dress style was picked up by royals at a later stage – starting with the ubiquitous black and white to more quirky color combinations like green with black polka dots, navy with white dots, as well as a rainbow-filled look with multi-colored prints donning a polo-approved look.

Style inspiration from previous decades flood our social media and Internet accounts on an ongoing basis – but this particular trend back by popular demand is definitely one to save up for. Whether it’s a tea dress for an elevated picnic at Ascot, or a reason to ditch your usual jeans and t-shirt combo, there’s always space for polka dots in your wardrobe.

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