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One of the most satisfying things to do as soon as the weather warms up, is to mentally put together looks that fit the weather forecast, our mood, and get us revved up for any upcoming long weekend, short getaway, or if in luck, a week long vacation! These mentioned looks, whilst neutral at first glance, give us the once a year opportunity to add a pop of color here and there – and by a pop, I mean one entire piece of clothing being in a bold tone.

Bring on sunshine and bright colors – because in less than 2 weeks we scheduled a spring cleaning to let in the new, and out with the old. We’re stashing away shearling winter coats, knee high boots and anything fur-lined, to give space to bright yellow, blush pink, sky blue and more. Starting with yellow because it’s a team favorite after all, there’s little we look forward to more than sporting the thin cashmere knit displayed as this story’s featured image. We love the raw edges, the cropped cut and the thickness of the material – perfect to wear with light denim, off-white paper bag trousers and silk satin skirts.

Onto the color itself, its origin and how we first crushed on it – here’s where it all started. A few years ago, we went on our first trip to the southern part of Italy to a picturesque area known as the Amalfi Coast. From white fish cooked for long hours in fresh lemon sauce to homemade pasta, sorbet and limoncello, there’s no surprise this type of lemon is on display at every market, used as prop for editorial shoots, gets transformed into ceramic fruit for an Italian-inspired summertime dinner table decor, and more! Known in the local dialect as ‘sfusato amalfitano’, this type of lemon is unlike any others. Forget meyer lemons and other commercially sold ones, the Amalfi lemon is at least double in size than traditional ones, comes attached to a leaf you can and should incorporate in your use, and its thick skin and juice gives the lemon exquisite taste and a strong and rich perfume.

Now if the above paragraph didn’t make you daydream about diving into the deep blue of the Mediterranean from a traditional wooden boat, dressed in a belted swimsuit whilst sipping on some cold rosé or lemonade, then maybe these team-picked pieces will. We combed through high street retailers, emerging designers and established brands to find our favorite looks for next season. Think yellow tie-dye shirts, crochet bags, pleated tops, suede sneakers and the best duster coats.

Shop 30+ Amalfi lemon pieces to add to your spring/summer wardrobe

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