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Let’s take a look back at Céline’s 2017 Spring/Summer footwear collection, which featured this pair of ultra trendy toe ring strappy sandals, (alas sold out worldwide if you’re on the hunt). Available in red, white, black and a few other colours, those few fashion forward women who had access to that kind of price tag, didn’t fail to make them look as cool as cucumber as they were. Luckily, we’re spotting a great bunch of similar styles this season. So in case you thought you were late to the party, think again!

When choosing a pair of summer shoes, there are a few factors which are paramount to the decision-making process. First up, they need to be comfortable as hell – forget blisters or individual toes sticking out, we make sure whatever sandal, wedge or loafer we spend our hard-earned money on, will give us nothing short of walking on clouds with the breeziness of summer air and sunshine. Next up, it’s essential that they’re durable – from walking around the city to wearing them on a beach, these bad boys need to be resistant enough that one strap won’t just simply fall off at the mere physical effort. Lastly, while we appreciate and relish seasonal trends, we make sure not to step too far into the hyped scene of purchasing in the moment trends, that will most likely not be seen anywhere come next summer.

Now with these points in mind, you can imagine the frenzy we experienced upon stumbling on a few pages of strappy sandal after strappy sandal. From high-street favorites to emerging and high-end designers, we’ve seen enough pairs to give those yet another shot this season. The style hasn’t changed much over the years, some brands have chosen to add a toe strap à la Céline, whilst others have gone down the effortless route with a short heel and elegantly wrapped around straps that won’t leave any marks or take more than 10 seconds to put on. Gone are the Gladiator days!

With summer sale just around the corner, are you ready to take a quick peek at what’s in store for this season’s most lusted after sandals? Scroll through to shop what we’ve got our eyes on, from simple white to heeled nude and rainbow styles, these strappy delights will take you from day to night, with any look!


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