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Each year, like clockwork, the first rays of sunshine after a long winter shine through clouds, and the thermometer reads over 10 degrees celsius. You know what follows that? Hours procrastinating on finishing Excel spreadsheets while actually mentally planning our next holiday. Luckily for us, that one’s right around the corner, starting next week. Mama needs some sunshine, and pale skin is no longer considered “chic” now that winter’s almost over.

It’s time to let our legs go bare, and to be honest with you – there couldn’t be a better timing now that 90% of my stockings and tights have given up shape and/or have broken! Now as tempting as it is to click “buy now” at every sun-inspired collection we glean over, our bank account doesn’t feel as giddy as we do. That’s all fair and square, but it’s been a while since we invested in swimwear and all sun-related accessories, it’s time to give Spring/Summer 2019’s pieces a fresh look and see what could possibly make its way into our suitcase. Curious to find out what’s on next season’s palette? Keep reading!

Swimwear isn’t a tab I often click on, unless I’m looking to get my hands on a new piece for a beach holiday, but when I do, I find myself deep down page 17 although I swore to myself I’d use a couple filters in order to avoid swooning over a Pucci caftan which deserves its own holiday. This year we’re seeing a lot of classic pieces as well as a few reinvented cuts and styles, like the ultra high-waisted bottoms, metallics, belted swimsuits, scalloped edges, and surprisingly creative ones like embroidered bikinis and protectant as well as sustainable ones. With this much choice, the decision-making process can quickly become long and tiring so we sifted through the options ourselves.

We recommend you revisit your swimwear drawer in your closet and look out for the ones that could use an upgrade – perhaps that cutout swimsuit in three different colorways could use a toss out? Although they’re still on trend next season, we believe there’s much more of a hype than anything else. Mainly due to the reason that it makes A. putting on sunscreen a tedious task and B. tanning lines everywhere we don’t want them. Now back to what truly matters, and that’s finding your next beach wardrobe and maximise your style potential.

Substitute your years-old bikini and swimsuits for a fresh batch of neutral tones, animal-print and bright yellows, as well as shirred textures, knotted details, retro looks, as well as double-duty swimwear to make getting ready for lunch a whole lot easier!

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