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Pals, we’re currently in the beautiful region of the South of France, sipping on rosé whilst donning our newly-purchased swimwear, celebrating a dear friend’s wedding – sounds dreamy right? Let’s rewind a week or two, and the situation sure didn’t look or sound so smooth. You see, summer weather hasn’t yet fully reached the big city. It makes an appearance from time to time, leaving us distraught as it leaves again after two days of warm sunshine. Right now though, we have a feeling it’s here to stay – like that one guy who isn’t able to commit and suddenly realizes the clock is ticking and he’s ready to settle down here and now.

Which brings us to today, only 4 days after the beloved Net-A-Porter, Matches Fashion and other online retailers launched their summer sale. What a time to be alive, I tell you that! The second we received the much-awaited email announcing the start of the sale, we’ve been glued to our screens and keyboards. Sale season can be overwhelming – tons of choice, things you didn’t know you needed you suddenly want more than anything, and suddenly you find yourself with a 50 items-filled cart and a total you can only dream of spending. That doesn’t always have to be the case though – because we made it our mission this month to bring you all the swimwear and beach clothing you can afford.

From classic one-piece swimsuits to timeless cuts and trendy gingham off-shoulder bikinis, we’ve rounded up our favorites, all under £50. To make things easier, we’ve divided the selection in respective categories with a limited choice of 6 pieces. Now, shall we?





Featured image courtesy of H&M

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