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After spotting legendary fashion darling Khaite’s latest accessories collection, we couldn’t help but swoon over their leather goods. From small pouches to oversized totes, there’s nothing you won’t want to add to your wish list. Their large Amelia tote is a dream piece all-round, making it easy and accessible to keep all your daily belongings is one place whilst on the go.

But our search didn’t stop there – the more we saw, the more our interest and curiosity got piqued. Versatile, elegantly handcrafted leather totes were seen everywhere, and in all shapes and forms. Our wallet also took a breather as we came across some more affordable options. Did it ever cross your mind that a plain tote could be such a key addition to your handbag collection?

In the same way that a good song has the ability to lift your mood and spirits – so can an everyday tote. The bigger the better definitely applies here! You want to get the most out of your purchase, thus we suggest settling on one that has just enough room for a change of gym clothes, flats and a few beauty essentials that help you feel like yourself after a long day at the office, and right before drinks out on the town. Just make sure not to get an absolutely gigantic XL oversized one – you don’t want to be known as the bag lady, or as though you were shlepping home half of IKEA.

So in the spirit to bring some sunshine to your days at home, we present you with a small selection of team-approved everyday totes, coming in handy as you carry home your groceries or your wine stash for the Easter long weekend!

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