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If you thought that summer trends have already long touched down, we insist you think twice! After sneakily making their way onto spring/summer collections, we noticed a summer and warm weather iteration of the classic traditional pantsuit popping up left and right. To get a better picture of this variation, I’ll simplify things for you. The top part, hence the blazer (we like a double-breasted and oversized, but truly anything goes) remains the same, but we ditch the long pants and replace them with a pair of good old shorts. Not the short shorts kind, but the bermuda length type that falls right above the knee.

Are you having flashbacks to Julia Roberts circa 1990 in Pretty Woman, like us? Damn right you are, and for sound reason. Roberts is seen wearing the short power suit after her first shopping spree on Rodeo Drive, and boy does she make it work. It’s a relaxed fit with a touch of masculinity, quickly replaced by the visibility of legs and a high-waisted cinched look at the waist. We love tucking in a sleeveless blouse for a more dressed up look, as well as a simple t-shirt for less formal circumstances.

Get acquainted with the short suit in today’s edit and add it to your summer wardrobe for a polished look. To tell you the truth, it can be difficult to navigate through summer sale picks and seasonal trends, which is why this 2-piece set (whether matching or not!) is the absolute easiest and chicest way to look refined without overdressed. Call it a fresh take on an old school classic that feels modern and cool.

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