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Wherever you find inspiration this fall, know that there is more to choose from than your usual go-to brands. Not only do we always reach for fail-safe pieces that are guaranteed to work with the rest of our wardrobe, we also tend to always walk into the same stores (both online and brick and mortar). Interestingly enough, the more style becomes a part of one human’s own interpretation as opposed to what everyone is wearing, or what you should be wearing; the more we look for designers that are doing something different and unique.

For the most part, it goes without saying that we’ll stick to the pieces we’re familiar with and most importantly those that fit our aesthetic and personal style. But for those moments where you don’t want to step into your daily uniform which feels comfortable and easy, we tapped into the little known brands that have gained slow but consistent momentum over the past seasons. Perceive it as a way to merge well-fitting base layers and adding on the fun with a myriad of options which will undoubtedly broach a conversation. Curious to find out the brands we’ve been coveting? There’s only one way to discover what isn’t usually on display and we’re so glad the Internet has proven to be a safe and sartorial way to showcase these gems!

Hop along and join us as we share a team-wide curation of the pieces we want this season from these 12 (not so) little known brands:


Marge Sherwood

Studio Cut

Pixie Market


Manu Atelier

Yuul Yie

Laura Lombardi

Stand Studio




Featured images via Cannuka

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