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In the fashion world, the easier option is often the safest – and most stylish. Whether you’re frolicking through the Mediterranean or heading to the beach at your closest seaside front, there’s one piece of clothing we always rely on, the white blouse. It fulfils the impression of a clean look, versatile enough to match plain colors, prints and florals, and a staple to carry year round.

So why wait to make your next purchase? We selected a few of our favorites that won’t break the bank but can instantly elevate your look. Because a crisp white top shouldn’t be limited to an office dress code or interview – it’s an all-round garment that makes you look refreshed and the perfect jumping board to the outfit of your dreams.

Keep scrolling to find out which ones we believe are worth investing in – you’ll notice that most are unapologetically fabulous without giving off much, while others are embroidered with delicate details, cut out broderie anglaise and the ultra feminine and summer favorite: off the shoulder. There’s really not much to say against a plain white blouse, because it’s anything but plain; it’s a wardrobe staple and one we should consider revisiting every once in a while. Now’s the time to ditch your t-shirt you’ve been sleeping in AND wearing during the day, and slip into something a bit more fabulous.

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