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Almost too beautiful to even fill it sometimes, we discovered a newfound passion for purchasing a breathing plant or flower to enrich our homes in a colorful, yet temporary way. Whether it’s a bouquet purchased from your local flower shop or one that you arranged yourself after picking them from your homegrown garden, there’s nothing quite like fresh-cut flowers.

After receiving them a few bouquets from friends who came over for dinner once restrictions were loosened, I found myself gently prepping them by cutting them diagonally at the stems and throwing them into a water-filled vase I managed to get my hands on from one of the high shelves in the living room. To be honest I always thought that purchasing flowers on a weekly/monthly basis is a waste of money – they don’t always last long and they need to be maintained. Not to mention what a waste it can be if you suddenly need to leave town and they just end up dying on your coffee table?

Instead, I now take a different approach to flowers – the last bouquet I bought was a few weeks ago and the blend of blue hydrangeas and dark pink peonies arranged with natural leaves made me take out my iPhone and snap a few pictures to show off to whoever would care. On top of that, they fit perfectly snug in the sparkling clean vase I had just recovered from not being used for years – and from that moment on I got what the whole flowers in your home fuss is about.

Not so much a fuss as it is a great opportunity to take inventory of the vases (count: two) I found in my home and quickly realized they weren’t the best match for all the flowers I may want to decorate my house with. So I turned to the Internet and searched for beautiful, colorful, funky at times and stylish vases to fill any future bouquets. Whether it’s a simple rose to keep by your nightstand or a larger set of flowers to keep on your dining table, keep reading and…

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