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Until we can wear them out to our regular events and scheduled programming, the vast majority of our current shoe closet is unfortunately out of service. Feathery heeled sandals, platform heels, sequinned sling-backs and year-round boots that look good in winter, but also with denim cut-offs are until further notice stored away.

Instead of dreaming about where you could wear them, we serve you this week the shoes that are work from home appropriate, and possibly even for the occasional trip to the supermarket. We call them WFH-worthy footwear that will double up as accessorizing during this time. Speaking from personal experience, we spent the first 6 weeks wearing sneakers and boots for outside and fluffy socks indoors, but as the weather changes so does our mood and it’s time to up our footwear game.

Since the beginning of the week and hopefully what will be a continuously and steady next warm weather months, we’re swapping our Nikes and Vans for comfortable flats, chic mules, the occasional sandal if weather permits, and a few white sneakers that make our daily walks just a tiny bit more stylish.

Enter our selection of WFH shoes, from a whole range of neutral tones and open back styles, to zebra prints, bright pinks and some house slippers that will be difficult to ever let go of. Not that you ever should, but you know how it goes – once you get comfortable, we doubt you’ll ever want to go back to heels with harsh leather and pointed toes!

Scroll through to shop more than 30+ styles and tell us which shoes you’ve been wearing on repeat! We want to know so leave us a comment below or email us at [email protected]

Shop work from home footwear that doubles up as appropriate for outdoors and sunshine

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