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The best end of summer for me personally is the one that consists of constant temperatures in the 20s. As I am not yet ready for cold weather, I prefer to transition into a new season as smoothly as possible. That means leaving behind swimwear, kaftans and white dresses. It just seems unnecessary to walk around in a big city wearing the most delicate colour of the rainbow. Sandals, I can hold off a little while longer, although the dirt and pollution of a city sure doesn’t do any good service to our soles!

What I do however long to bring out of the closet as soon as it hits September is a solid pair of denim. You know the kind that hugs your thighs in all the right places and looks good just worn with a plain old white tee. As this season is heavily weighted towards rich fabrics and a blend of bold and neutral colour palette, we like to take a moment and appreciate the ease of staple looks before venturing into seasonal trends and cold weather territory. However, if you’re the kind that likes to keep up with the moment even in denim, then I’ll be glad to tell you that the iconic decades old essential took a spin into that direction too.

From cropped styles to wide leg, a whole variety of colour (cream and dark washes in particular are having a moment), and plenty of matching sets to get into a Canadian tuxedo vibe, a pair of jeans is guaranteed to ease the pain of getting ready in the morning this Fall. We’re excited to bring back retired styles like a full straight leg, a bit of distress around the knee area, and the inevitable high waisted look. For an everyday outfit, we look at straight leg jeans worn with a tailored sweater or button down, whereas a distressed pair will be more fitting for a laid-back weekend look.

Trends aside, tell us what pair of jeans you swear by? Which do you buy on repeat because they just fit the best? Share with us in the comments below!

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