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Nothing has got me going quite like a revival of a timeless trend I’m able to spot everywhere from a local store to globally popular high street jaunts and emerging luxury designers hopping on board the same train, just a few decades later. In this week’s edition of Spotlight On, we’ve got all our eyes on wicker. To say we’ve become a sort of maniac about finding the greatest wicker piece is an understatement.

But before I get ahead of myself, it’s paramount to make a few things clear to you, dear readers. When it comes to summer accessories specifically (although we do love all seasons *ALMOST* equally), there’s a certain routine that I’ve fallen into – and that’s staring and bookmarking every single damn new arrival I can get my fingers to click “open a new tab” on. More specifically, accessories and bags – why is that you ask? To start, they’re generally cheaper than let’s say during Fall/Winter because different materials are being used, such as linen, beads, straw, raffia, or in this week’s case, wicker! Not only are they more affordable due to leather being combined with other textiles, similar styles can be found from vintage second-hand pieces to high-end designers – and best of all, some of them look like carbon copy of their peers!

Whilst I first hesitated to cover yet again an accessories & bag trend, I feel like that one feature back in April featuring 10 straw bags we tried and tested, didn’t quite do this summer’s bag trend justice. Alas, when it comes to fashion and accessorizing for summer time, there’s a fine line between wanting and needing. And as it just so happens, although I had already accumulated a fair amount of straw and raffia bags, such as the Ark bag by Cult Gaia, and most recently this basket by MANGO, it only took one picture of Caroline Besset Kennedy and one of Jane Birkin doning a bag made from what I can see, rich wicker, back in the 60s. Ever since my eyes peered over those two style icons, dressed to effortless perfection, did something in my brain click and I found myself searching down the rabbit hole of the World Wide Web, for all things wicker.

Jane Birkin via Pinterest
Jane Birkin via Pinterest
Caroline Besset Kennedy via Getty Images
Caroline Besset Kennedy via Getty Images

From Prada’s leather-trimmed canvas and wicker totes, which have only been on every summer’s wish list since the style’s inception a few years ago, we’ve compiled a dozen wicker-made accessories and bags that are guaranteed to last all season long.

Scroll through to shop all genres, from a classic picnic basket and tableware to hand-made bucket bags from South American designers. 



Featured image via Etsy

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