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Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan, with that full Dolce suit and coat, is probably where our first frenzy for a full white Fall look originated from. Now that we’re approaching Winter, there is no reason why it shouldn’t outlive the cold months to come. Sure, the idea of a white coat in the snow sounds pretty pitch perfect, but you’re probably thinking ahead about what happens when the snow melts, and you’re left struggling to avoid puddles mixed with snow, rain and city dirt. Doesn’t sound too appealing now does it? Which is why we’d like to warn you beforehand and advise you to A. check the weather forecast before choosing to endure a full white winter look, or B. only opt for a white look if the chances of you walking on a street are close to nil.

It’s no surprise that winter white has been a popular option for years now. Take for instance the idea of a winter wedding – the white wedding dress, the white snow, the white surroundings. Is there anything more chic, dare I ask? While head-to-toe black is nowadays considered a big city uniform, it’s much easier to pull off than a full white look. And you know we like a challenge when we spot one – what better way to stand out, whilst simultaneously looking extra? Forget the old adage of “no white after Labor Day” and give it a try come this Winter.

Between clean knits, blazers, coats and evening dresses, it’s hard to look away from a perfectly crisp piece. I myself am a victim of that and try to refrain from wearing anything other than white knits when the weather looks unsteady. You’d think that cropped trousers are a safe choice, but unless you’ve ever walked through a simple light rain or post-rain, you’ll never know what it’s like to end up with greyish bite-size stains on the back of your ankles. Also don’t recommend wearing flip flops when the weather allows with light pants, they pick up all the street dirt!

We boiled it down to essential winter white wear and hereby invite you to scroll through and shop away! From warm fuzzy coats to elegant pantsuits and croc-effect ankle boots, here’s how to nail the winter white look.







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