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Gone are the days when you had to spend a pretty penny to make your outfit look pulled together, with quality products and fitting for the current season. With the influx of high-street fashion, which includes department stores and fast fashion, the choice became even easier. And when fashion turned digital and our favorite retailers sold their collections on their respective e-commerce platforms, there was truly no more need to spend hours browsing through overpopulated shops where human traffic was more dense than on the actual street.

Speaking of fast fashion, while there have been new players making their debut on the budget-friendly fashion scene, there are one or two so-called pioneers that are too good to stay away from. One of those is Zara – next to Mango one of our go-to retailers where we’re practically unable to walk out from (either the store or the online browser) without buying at least one piece. This Fall/Winter collections seems no different – the Spanish fashion goldmine manages to bring out season after season, or shall we say week after week, pieces that tend to every customer’s needs and demographics. From early 20s to late 60s and beyond, their women’s collections are diverse, with timeless pieces such as cashmere knitwear and sophisticated tailoring for office jobs, mixed with seasonal pieces that are easy to transition from one weather forecast to another.

Seems quite dreamy doesn’t it? The only trouble is to sort through the weekly arrivals and try to avoid purchasing duplicates. By now we like to think we know a thing or two about keeping a capsule collection that works from day to night and doesn’t leave your closet overflowing with unnecessary pieces. Our latest shopping haul from the big Z (that’s our nickname for the budget-friendly retailer) includes everything we like about the brand, and more. One look at their left-hand side tab where new arrivals are divided up into 5 collections: Dress Time, Retro Aesthetics, The Knits, Minimal Collection, and Animal Print. 

Now I got to be honest with you, I used to never shop online at Zara until one day towards the end of July when I found myself on their e-commerce, looking for a pair of linen trousers, preferrably belted, high-waisted and in a neutral tone. Where did I find just that and long did it take until I received a confirmation of purchase email? Roughly 4 minutes – no exaggeration. I received it in the mail the day after, courtesy of next-day shipping and I’ve received countless compliments on their elegant and sophisticated look. After that success story, I went back as the addict that I am and stumbled upon a collection modeled by The Attico’s stunning co-founder Giorgia Tordini. And again it only took a few fingertips to get my hands on a pair of braided chocolate brown strappy sandals, perfect to celebrate the end of summer with.

Speaking of summer, which is over but the warm temperatures are still very much present. I checked back on their weekly dispatches and discovered the first pieces of their Fall collection – see the 5 mentioned earlier. And boy did my eyes glimmer after carefully browsing through each curated edit. To keep a long story short; I came, I saw and I conquered. There’s a lot to devour but I’ve taken the liberty to share with you the most coveted pieces in the office, and the ones I recently purchased.

From Chloé and Celine lookalike cowboy boots, to limited edition cashmere oversized polo shirts, to ruffled emerald-green maxi skirt which will last you from right about now until the first Christmas party – there’s little we didn’t like but we gotta cross the line somewhere. Or at least until our next pay check.

Scroll through to shop our selection from the budget-friendly retailer and tell us what your latest shopping haul included!

Featured images via Zara

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