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Birds chirping, sun shining bright through a slit of your window in the morning, flowers blooming, blue sky and dining al fresco – any of those sound familiar to you? Probably not as it seems it’s been a lifetime since we’ve seen bright sun and outfits resembling anything but puffers and oversized teddy coats to keep us remotely warm through this ghastly long winter!

But friends, I’ve got news for you, spring is just around the corner (1 week from today!!! – too many exclamation points?), and I have committed myself since this past Sunday to stop wearing anything winter-y anymore. Wonder what I wore instead? A full off-white lewk composed of cropped high-waisted egg-shell capris by Joseph, last season’s slingbacks with a golden touch because it’s Sunday, a light beige cashmere turtleneck because while the temperatures felt warm-ish, I didn’t want to catch a cold before spring sprung! And to top it all off, an off-white coat. I couldn’t stand to wrap myself in an overly hot winter coat with a fur collar, heavy knit scarf, boots and a hat. No more!

And that was just a slither of spring – wait until you see what we’ll be adding to our carts and wearing in the next months, because boy, things are looking up and we recommend you put a pair of sunglasses on because the colours hues and patterns are bold, loud and bright! Shall we get started?

For starters,

1. A trench coat

Because we don’t want to throw you right into linen jackets and no jacket weather! The selection currently available is chic and timeless. You have the choice between a classic gabardine, pastel toned blush oversized styles like this one, or go the modern route with leather, or a checked oversized cut.

2. A full suit (or blazer)

What happens when you can finally ditch actual coats? You put on a blazer, suit jacket or whatever you want to call them. This season’s full suits show strength, power and style. Bring out your inner girl boss CEO with a bright coloured suit like this one, or go the classic way with an ivory toned double breasted style. Perhaps depending on your mood and meeting style, you can adjust colour wise!

3. Belts

When was the last time you purchased a belt? Can’t answer it or it took you longer than 5 seconds? Then you’ve come to the right place – invest in a waist belt, whether a thin style or thicker with a bad ass buckle, you’ll be needing that when belting one side of your blazer to another!

4. Puffy shoulders

From the 1980s are definitely back – we love the statement they deliver, it’s like you put a puffy blouse on and the rest of your look can be as little thought through as adding a pair of leggings to it. To us, a statement blouse like a cropped big shoulders one is enough to tackle an early Monday morning, and we all know those aren’t easy!

5. So much off-white and eggshell

If you took one look at The Row‘s SS18 you’ll have noticed the abundance of ivory, egg shell, light beige and off-white tones. They elicit such serenity, calm and peace if you ask me! Hence my outfit this Sunday. Throw on an oversized sweater and this pair of mules by Jacquemus and you’re sorted for the first day of spring.

6. Raw hems and edges

Whether in the denim form or linen, we’re not averse to this small detail on a piece of clothing that can instantly make a piece look more casual and laid-back. Raw edges on linen makes us believe we’re sitting on a beach in the Hamptons which is never not a good setting, and frayed denim edges on a pair of white jeans, white denim skirt or dark denim like these are not to be over-seen!

7. Prints and polkas

Funky prints mixed with polka dots are IMO not a sight for sore eyes, but instead more like a mysterious clashing of patterns and styles. Opt for a pair of striped pants, paired with a cropped polka top and you’re set for your next date night.

8. Strong accents

Expect a blend of classic colours like bold red combined with vibrant pinks, neon tones and a lot of yellow (more on that shade below). You can either opt for marrying a bold red and pink like last year, or meshing together neutral tones like dark green and yellow. ‘Tis the season to be cheeky and we can’t wait to get away from all the black and grey and replace it with some bright colour!

9. Lavender and all things pastel

Speaking of bright colour, not quite vibrant and bold, though still radiant enough to brighten our spring days. If you haven’t been briefed yet, lavender and lilac are right up there as colours of the season, promptly followed by other Easter related tones such as baby blue, pastel green and soft pinks.

10. So many yellow dresses!

Yep, that title needed an exclamation point, because there are just so many damn yellow dresses we’ve been spotting in the streets, during fashion week, and pretty much everywhere else in between. Whether bright yellow or light mustard, this spring shade will be all over your favorite editorials. We’re especially liking this midi dress and this and this ruffled dress.

11. Shorts

However, if dresses aren’t your go-to spring/summer uniform, we get you and want you to slip into a cool as cucumber pair of shorts. We’ve already spotted our favorites – these high-waisted belted satin origami pair, and these linen blend.

12. Cowboy boots

Now that we’ve got the clothing part covered, let’s move onto a more interesting topic, such as the situation going down south of your ankle. In case we haven’t yet made it clear that cowboy are the ultimate pair of our boots to own for the past couple months and straight into the early months of spring/summer, then this is the moment! Grab yours now before you experience immense fomo. We like the short bootie version in a classic black, but are also not opposed to the bright red kind. You know, just to add some more colour to your spring outfits?

13. Mules and other slip ons

You know how much time you can save by slipping on a shoe or sandal that doesn’t need fastening? A rough couple seconds or long minutes depending on the fit. And since time is always of the essence and no one nowadays seems to have enough of it, why not make your life easier by simply walking around in only slip ons for the rest of the year? We recommend mules of all kinds, heeled and the flat kind, as well as these uber-trendy short-heeled sandals in case you need a nudge during summer days but don’t feel like going the whole way.

14. Affordable bags

Didn’t expect this kind of title, amirite? News flash pals, there seem to be a wave of affordable bags hitting the shelves of stores around the world and we can’t seem to look away! From Little Liffner, Danse Lente, Boyy, Carolina Santo Domingo, not to mention the cult bag by Cult Gaia (see what we did there?), Staud, Nannacay, Truss, and Munn, we’re loving the selection. Shop all of the above which are under $1000 and look like a million bucks.


We want to know, what are you buying?

Images: Adam Katz Sinding via The Zoe Report

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