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The other day, one of my friends saw me scrolling through a highly trusted retailer and bluntly asked me “are you actually shopping for beachwear now? What are you, nuts? No, I am not nuts, I am investing in the future. You see, at this time of the year people can’t leave the house without a warm coat and layers upon layers. A solid pair of boots and cashmere knits is necessary, and perhaps you’ll want to throw on a hat and gloves too. If you think about buying any of the above necessities during winter sale, at most you’ll get 30-40% off from the retail price. Why? Because everyone wants it, and it’s what you need during the current season.

My approach is slightly different – I predict simple, classic and timeless trends that I know I will want to wear this summer. Nothing too trendy or out of the blue, but true beach staples that can be quite expensive when you buy them in season,  simply due to high demand! Switch things around and buy your favorite items when demand is low, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can save and be glad you didn’t splurge half of your pay check on a beach cover up. It’s like reverse buying with no regret – you might seem a tad crazy, but when finding your dream beach pareo on sale, you need to hit that ‘buy now’ button ASAP.

And in case I didn’t mention it above, it doesn’t hurt to have an actual beach vacation coming up in just 10 days. Unless you’re a true fan of the cold and face freezing months which don’t get me wrong are beautiful for a limited time, at some point you look at your skin and can’t help but notice it lacks of color and glow. Not only do I recommend a quick getaway at the end of January, it’s also the ideal time and temperature to lie on the beach without suffering from intense and scorching heat. Most places reach an average of 25 degrees celsius by midday, and as soon as that sun hits your skin you’ll be glad you got away from gloomy skies 5 degrees weather.

In order to be fully prepared for the above scenario in which case, meet us at the beach next week! Or for the foreseeable future, say in a couple of months, we took it upon us to handpick the best of what’s out there. You’d be surprised just at the sheer variety – forget seasonal trends, everything we’ve got is under £300, on sale (watch out for further reductions!) and classic. From belted one-piece swimsuits by Zimmermann to matching sets by Agua Bendita, loose pants in sand-friendly fabrics like lightweight cotton, ruffles, neutral midi dresses in linen by Nicholas, sweet coverups by LoveShackFancy in the dreamiest pastels, just to mention a few.

Don’t wait any longer and project yourself into the future like we did, we guarantee you’ll thank us later for the saved bucks!

Featured images via Diane Von Furstenberg

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