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If you’re anything like us, there’s a good chance that you’ve experienced buyer’s remorse at least once in your lifetime. Whether it was a sample sale of one of your favorite luxury designer brands you couldn’t attend due to a meeting, or getting a head start on a classic wardrobe staple that you saw plastered all over fashion news being worn by some of your trusted icons.

We’re not going to let this one get so far, because fam, there simply aren’t enough pieces you could own that have the ability to rival a top or dress, pants or skirt in a smooth and glossy silk or satin. That may sound like a handful and bring you mild confusion on this Saturday morning, but hear me out for this one as you sip on your weekend beverage of choice and flip through your newspaper.

There’s a good chance that your Instagram and Pinterest feeds were at some point flooded with influencers and editors, content creators and it girls spotted wearing a midi satin skirt, casually styled with a cotton t-shirt, sneakers and heels. And I ask you this: how casual do they look? Or at least *appear* to look? Pretty laidback with a touch of elevated chic, am I right? That’s because the glossy finish on a top or bottom in silk or satin has that simple effect – steadfast sleekness without looking like you tried too hard or followed one too many seasonal trends.

The garment induces an immediate dosis of elegance, rendering it significantly more interesting than its fellow counterparts. No more browsing in search for an updated version of your usual look – sleek wardrobing is just one step away thanks to these foundational wardrobe pieces.

Follow me (us) and join us as we handpick the perfect silk cami, elasticated satin pants and more to celebrate Easter. We may still be in confinement and munching on chocolate eggs via Zoom, but we will do so dressed up in glossy silk or satin!

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