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I’m such a leather girl, but there’s nothing wrong with loving all things denim and suede. Which is why I find it hard to not wear my favourite jackets in the winter. Who said you have to put away your shorter coats in the colder months anyways?

Did you also spend a lot of money on your leather jacket this fall and hoping you can enjoy its awesomeness for more than just a few months? If you live in Spain, Portugal or the southern parts of Europe, you won’t have anything to worry about but if you’re like us and are stuck in England or France, you know you’ve got to layer up!

There are so many ways you can make your jackets look as good as your bigger and fluffier winter coats this winter and we’ve got many tips for you below!

Layer up!

The first rule, before you spend your money on a beautiful leather or suede jacket, is to make sure the fit is not too tight to fit a nice and comfortable sweater underneath. You should never try a jacket on with only a t-shirt and always make sure your jackets can take on some layers. You can even wear a faux fur jacket over or under your coat if you’re really struggling to keep warm.

Keep your upper body warm!

Another important rule if you want to wear your leather, suede or denim jackets in the winter, is to make sure your upper body is nicely wrapped up. What I mean by that is to wear hats, scarves, some fleece to cover up your chest, or even make sure you’re wearing gloves! Another great tip is to wear a bodysuit under your tops, they can seriously keep you warm and you can find them in loads of different colours and textiles.

Oversize is the answer!

Did we even mention that it is so crucial to choose an oversized fit to fit all the numerous layers you need to wear over winter? Oversized jackets will literally be your best fiend over winter. We’re talking fitting it with jumpers, long sleeve shirts but also big knitted sweaters and more! The oversized look is also a winner on a chilly winter day to look extra cozy and wrapped up. Who needs a man’s arms anymore to stay as warm as possible?

For a night out!

There’s nothing better than a beautiful dark coloured suede or leather jacket for a night out during the winter, do you agree? Think about how well they look with your fitted black dresses or jumpsuits! The main reason why they look so good is because of the shape of these shorter coats, and here are some of the best outfits for a night out this winter:

What do you like best? A nice black leather jacket, a beautiful brown suede coat or your all time favourite distressed denim one? Let us know in the comments below!

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