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Just because tuxedos are mainly worn by the opposite gender, does not mean that we should feel totally excluded by the style. Tuxedos in the menswear department refers to a more elevated version of your regular matching suit – a garment often worn at occasions where the dress code is black tie. As for us women, it is a rather rare sighting but I am glad to declare that the style is on the rise.

For as long as I can recall and experienced for myself, wearing a suit makes you instantly look put together, as though you really mean business! I own one or two in a dark navy and black that are both so timeless and were my go-to outfits for any work event or wedding ceremony. The combination and matching aspect not only makes it a no-brainer when getting dressed in the morning; it also leaves an empty blank canvas for endless opportunities to accessorize in any way you wish. Add a belt to cinch the waist for a more feminine look, put on a hat if appropriate, fold up a scarf around your neck for a touch of colour, or simply slide on a couple of bangles and chic earrings to spice up your look. An ankle shouldn’t hurt either – especially if you’re wearing open-toe shoes.

Now, while the tuxedo suit removes the headache of looking for the perfectly matching outfit, and may I say the often frustrating quest for unripped stockings, it also just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For some, a suit can remind them of their past careers in the corporate world with a stuck up dress code and environment, and for others the lack of form-fitting clothing or feminine streaks and cuts doesn’t quite have them jumping at the thought of wearing one.

So instead of starting a debate on the pros and cons of wearing tuxedos, we offer you this season the tuxedo dress. An elegant ode to the timeless look and feel of a perfectly-tailored suit and the sensual, feminine aesthetic that gives room for your legs to shine. A tried and true solution which we’ve been embracing this holiday season – whether it’s a night out with your posse, a champagne cocktail to celebrate an engagement, a Christmas party with your colleagues or date night with your significant other, the tuxedo dress is an easy option to slip into.

Join us as we share 15 of our favorite dresses for the holiday season.

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