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The good news is that summer weather is around the corner, the bad news is that there’s no seaside holiday in sight! But we won’t let that get to us – instead we look for ways to be packed and ready to go as soon as our calendars fill up.

Besides the usual summer wardrobe winners, there’s one we keep coming back to year after year due to its versatility and absolute classic look. From sunbathing to playing beach volleyball, swimming laps to lunch and dinner, the one piece swimsuit is one we never forget to pack. It’s our summer version of the bodysuit, but the best part is that it comes in way more varieties and colors than a typical top.

Shaking your head and don’t really understand where we’re getting at? We’re here to help you style your swimsuit. Take a printed or striped style and match it with a pair of wide legged white linen trousers for contrast and brightness. Opt for a more dressed look with this off-shoulder gingham one by Silvia Tcherassi – perfect for a dinner out on the town or brunch at your in-laws. Go with the seasonal trend and slip into this tie-dye piece by Bond Eye in a fiery burnt orange, or go classic and never wrong with a Bond-style belted number in black and white.

If you think about it, there’s no bottom in your summer closet that doesn’t look good with a one piece swimsuit, and it’s a fabulous way to pack less and maximize your holiday outfits with just a few pieces!

Shop a curated selection of one piece swimsuits to be worn in the water, sun or as a bodysuit

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