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Developing a rotating summer wardrobe with just a few pieces is easier said than done. For many it means hitting the high street in search of the latest trends, while for others it means recycling last year’s most worn pieces while inserting a few newcomers.

As we highlighted throughout the past months, neutral tones with shiny and shimmery touches make for the perfect summer wardrobe. There’s nothing quite like keeping it simple with long-lasting pieces that make a comeback year after year. Since the weather has finally reached peak summer with temperatures well above the 20s and sunshine filling our living rooms and offices; it’s time to put away our loungewear.

Both the high street and some of our all-time designers and brands have tactfully created pieces that exude sun drenched days and a sunshine state of mind. In short, there’s something for all – from linen shirts to high waisted flowing trousers to wear with cropped tops and gold jewelry, to swimwear that doubles up as daytime outfits. No look would be complete without effortless accessories, and we’re thinking a striped headband or turban alongside a woven soft clutch and oversized cat-eye sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch.

Don’t forget to snap up some of our sunshine essentials like this paréo/sarong, leather sandals for both day and night time, a tulle-trimmed straw hat (50% off), natural hair oil to tie in salty beach hair, and the dreamiest linen blazer for comfortable but elegant travel.

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