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We know we just covered the topic of leather jackets earlier this week, but we feel like this year is all about leather. Skirts, dresses, pants, jackets… the list goes on! But the whole leather skirt and knitted jumper ensemble has got to be our favorite trend of the winter. How much more cozy and chic could you look?

Not into leather you say? Let me stop you right here, because you’ve probably not tried all the possibilities, and we’re here to help you. For one, we know leather skirts can be somewhat intimidating, but we’re all about making them look casual (you’ll never see us wearing leather and heels, that’s a big no-no at TWC). Add lots of layers on top of your skirt. Other than opaque tights, you can wear a knitted jumper and a jacket over it. We love pairing our skirts with tight turtlenecks as well, such as this one. This look is not only flattering but practical if you’re running from the office to the bar.

Remember, it’s not all about the mini skirt, there are also great pencil and midi styles and they’ll make your office wear just a tad more exciting. We recommend you adopt the all-black look with your black leather skirts. Wear thinner black tights and some big dangling earrings to break it up a little. You shouldn’t ever feel weird or out of style for wearing a skirt that isn’t real leather. Most trendy skirts aren’t made out of real leather, and could lean more towards the plastic look.

The other great aspect of leather skirts is that they’re usually uniform, and can easily match with bold colours such as yellow and orange, which makes it the perfect occasion to take out that bright winter jumper you’re too shy to wear. The subtlety of the skirt will balance out the attention to the colour, making it a perfect match. But don’t you dare get rid of your skirts once winter is over! You can still wear them during spring and summer, with or without tights and sneakers or flats. Just like your leather jacket, these skirts will last you a lifetime (or at least a year long).

And finally, to truly embrace these skirts, don’t shy away from bottle green, brown or other colored leather skirts. They’re not tacky, and look even cooler if they’re made out of PVC!

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