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Scheduled to launch in February, the American retailer has its eyes set on bringing fashion, including clothing, accessories, and shoes to every shape and size with their new owned brand, Universal Thread. This isn’t exactly *news* for the store that has over 1800+ locations, and had launched their first plus-size fashion line Ava & Viv back in January 2015.

Target is raising its efforts and is intent on being an example to its peers and competitors in the industry, by providing more and more options to create an all-inclusive product offering to their range of clients.

Its much anticipated inspired collection Universal Thread will feature clothing, in particular denim, as well as accessories from their in-house fashion brands and footwear. The retailer whose tag line ‘Expect More. Pay Less’ is aimed at including all, is setting in stone their goals of selling affording pieces with price tags capped at $40 (starting at $5!!!).

As if there wasn’t reason enough to stride into the discount retailer, also known as the happiest place on earth, we couldn’t be more delighted to have one more aisle to browse through on our next visit. Now onto the collection itself – Mark Tritton, Target’s Chief Merchandising Officer states that the focus on denim comes from a missing market opportunity and the limited options currently available. Since denim is an essential part of a women’s closet, he set his mind on creating a lifestyle brand rooted in denim, that’s also an amazing everyday value. 

On top of denim, the collection will offer general apparel as well as accessories and shoes – the key to bringing the most wanted and needed products to their clientele lies in their meticulous in-depth research (they surveyed roughly 1000 women across the country), on the shopping needs of a woman, and where the lacking holes lie. Regrettably, it’s still rare to see 100% denim brands offer a large selection in terms of fits and sizes. Not only that – it seems that plus-sized denim brands are positioned in such a niche industry (although there really isn’t any particular reason why that should be the case), which creates a real divided retail experience for the skinny and the plus-sized woman.

Understandably and consciously, Target is taking one step further in trying to close this gap by increasing their brand and product offering to create a genuinely enjoyable retail experience for women of all sizes. Loyal shoppers will be able to start buying the collection starting on February 4th, in store as well as online.

As much as we look forward to this entirely size-inclusive apparel assortment, we couldn’t help but get a sneak peek. Scroll through to find what we’ve been perusing from this carefully curated and accessible to all collection.

Women's Plus Size Split Hem Kick Boot Crop Jeans
Women’s Plus Size Split Hem Kick Boot Crop Jeans
Women's Plus Size Long Sleeve Off the Shoulder Denim Blouse
Women’s Plus Size Long Sleeve Off the Shoulder Denim Blouse
Women's Button Front Apron Denim Dress
Women’s Button Front Apron Denim Dress
Women's Plus Size Military Jacket
Women’s Plus Size Military Jacket
Women's Embroidered Denim Trucker Jacket
Women’s Embroidered Denim Trucker Jacket
Women's Striped Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt
Women’s Striped Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt

What do you buy at Target? And how do you feel about brands getting one step closer to closing the gap of size division? 

Images: Target

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