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If there’s something I consider myself a culprit in come sunshine and spring, it’s shopping for sunglasses and shoes. The two s’s I can never get enough of – literally, as amassing them in my wardrobe has turned into a hobby of mine for longer than I’d like to admit.

Even through my very frequent in-between seasons closet cleanings, it seems that these two fundamental pieces are the ones I dread to give away and have a hard time seperating myself from. Not to mention, they are also the two items I loathe to lend to a friend… call me terrible, but that’s me! To be honest, the reason why sunglasses and shoes are my most coveted items is simply because I spent a ridiculous amount of time selecting them – not just for an outfit, but in the early phases of browsing in a store or online through endless assortments and styles. So when I finally eliminate a few candidates and settle on that one pair, it kind of feels like a boatload of relief has left my mind!

If you think that I’m exaggerating, sadly I’m not. It just occurred to me recently as I moved apartment how much I enjoyed unpacking shoes and forgotten but not lost pairs of sunglasses. If you don’t think I’m berserk by now, you’ll be surprised to find out that three furniture pieces are currently residing in my bedroom, and if you already guessed it, two of these belong to a miscellany of shoes, carefully tucked neatly next to each other to maximize space. The other piece is a clothing rail, and if you’ve ever laid eyes on one in a store, you’ll know how much extra space can be filled beneath those hanging clothes, which I (to no one’s surprise) filled with you guessed it, a few pairs of shoes.

The other s, which stands for sunglasses resides in my bedside table. Forget midnight snacks, a pack of tissues or a candle, I like my stuff near and where I can keep an eye on them!

To make things clear, the reason why myself and some of our team are so hooked on these two is because A. they can really make or break an outfit in our opinion, B. you never feel fully (and literally) clothed and ready to tackle the day without them, and C. they have the uncanny ability to brighten up your day when you’re feeling down and would rather email your boss asking to “work from home”. Still don’t believe me? Picture this scenario: slightly hungover and survived on just a few hours of sleep? Pick a pair of sunnies and you’re good to go. Now when it comes to shoes, while the options are more limited due to seasonal changes, what better way to spice up a look that you’re not convinced with in the first place, than with a new pair of suede mules or white ankle boots?

Undeniably, I understand if you’re not in the mood for purchasing yet another pair of sunnies or shoes because well, there’s a snow storm on one side of the pond and grueling temperatures with a few occasional rays of sunshine on the other. However, if that doesn’t discourage you to dip your toes into the wonderland of shopping for a new season, then scroll through our selection of sunnies we’ll be investing in, as well as this season’s most trustworthy selection of shoes which won’t feel like you just took out a mortgage.

Starting with shoes, because leaving the house in hotel slippers is not something that’s socially-acceptable, yet.

And to finish off your look, don’t forget to pop on a pair of these:

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