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Although we’re very much looking forward to a new year full of new trends, flawless street-style, delicious recipes and problem-solving beauty products, we also believe it’s important to look back at the amazing year we’ve shared with you. Between the numerous responses on social media, insightful comments on our articles and one-on-one interviews with young entrepreneurs in the industry, we’ve got plenty to be thankful for. Not forgetting, of course, all the support from you loyal shoppers and fashion-lovers.

So how about we check out the most popular articles, fashion items and social media posts of the year?


Our most popular article this year was all about the wrap skirt, one of this year’s trendiest fashion statements. After hours of browsing through the web, our editor fell in love with the effortless yet flattering skirt, thanks to its easy silhouette. Not only is this look ideal for any season, but the slit leg also gives it that “humph” factor we’ve been longing for in a skirt.

We’ve noticed that similarly to us, you girls were into health and fitness, and always up for trying new hearty ways to snack your way through a diet. Which brings us to our second most popular post: 5 Snacks To Eat When You’re Craving Sugar. Unfortunately, we still haven’t found the cure for staying slim whilst eating everything you want, but this is already a great way to meet your cravings, decrease your sugar intake and start adopting healthier habits.

There must be a lot of Scorpio readers in the TWC community because our November horoscope is on top of our list! The biggest characteristics of Scorpios are their faithfulness and ambitious nature, could that explain this horoscope’s popularity? We’re of course joking, but thank you all for checking your monthly horoscope which our editor carefully composes for you.


On top of being extremely thankful for your enthusiasm regarding our articles, we’ve also observed quite a lot of items that have, undoubtedly, appealed to many of you. Starting with the fashion-forward and major summer trend: the Cult Gaya Bag. This smaller version is just under £130 and was featured on many of your IG posts, which we loved seeing!

Regarding the trousers and jeans department, we noticed a considerable increase in the sales of Levi’s Straight Jeans, not to our surprise as cropped jeans have been taking over our wardrobes as well.

We saw a lot of pink this year, and we absolutely loved it! There’s something special about certain colors making such a strong comeback in the fashion industry. These Classic Silk Earrings were the most bought pair this year, and who can blame you?


We already know that social media is one of the most popular forms of communication nowadays, especially with you fellow shoppers and readers. Although you love it when we post street-style snaps from our favorite twins, the Olsen sisters, we’ve got a few winner posts that gathered, for some, over 200 likes! From our guest blogger’s top TWC picks to popular actors, and our editor’s style, the 4 below were the most liked posts of the year:

VELVET CRUSH @mgemi rg: @blaireadiebee

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We wanted to thank you all for keeping up with our latest articles and posts. Stay tuned for next year’s exciting developments coming your way! 

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