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As soon as summer hits, temperatures rise and my crop tops start making an appearance resulting in my boho sense of style making a strong comeback. See, I often find myself in a rut during the winter with my clothes, with my go-to leggings and big jumper combination and summer always gives me that sense of freedom. I believe the warmer seasons gives us plenty more of opportunities to ace that Olsen twins look we aspire to achieve on a daily basis, and believe oversized cardigans are a great way to start.

You’ll quickly notice how much of a fashion statement they make, simply on top of a denim shorts and top combination. Not forgetting its practicality when the night breeze starts to hit. I know, the cardigan hasn’t got the best reputation, and hasn’t truly been fashionable since the 90s (when it was mostly worn in a grungy way) but now, thanks to influencers and some of our favourite street style walkers acing the look, the cosiest piece in your closet has become an integral part of our summer closet.

But the fact that they’re versatile and trendy as hell doesn’t explain how smaller girls, such as the Olsen twins, can pull off this oversized look without looking frumpy or unflattering. So here are a few ways you can pull off it off without giving up on your style:


Wearing your cardigan over shorts can be particularly flattering for us shorter girls, and can make your body actually seem longer than it is. I believe that the longer the better, especially if you’re in the mood to wear mini shorts – that way the cardigan can cover your derriere and make the whole look seem more relaxed.



If you’re afraid the oversized cardigan will cancel out your shape and make you look bigger than you are, pair it with a pair of high waisted jeans, and pick a skin-tight tee to highlight your waistline. Alternatively, if you’re taller and not worried about outlining your waist, you can also settle for a shorter cardigan and tuck it into your jeans.



Remember it’s summer, so warmer fabrics such as heavy wool or cashmere might be too hot – we recommend sticking with light cotton or merino wool if it gets too cold. Keep in mind that lighter fabrics will also be more flattering, and make you look less bulky. Better yet – look out for fringes, lace and see-through fabrics for that festival vibe.



And finally, a great alternative for a night out, or on top of a maxi skirt is adding a thin belt around your waist. Not only will this waist-cinching accessory refine your look, it will also outline your curves. Depending on the belt style, it can also give off that unique boho vibe we love during summertime. Some cardigans have an incorporated belt, but by choosing a colourful or gold belt you can play around with your outfits a bit more to achieve your ideal look. Take a look below on how to ace the look and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with #TWCOutfits.


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