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We’ve all  been there: “should I wear silver or gold?” This question actually drives me mad because I never really know what’s best, all I know is that my personal skin complexion looks much better with gold, which is what I always go for, but what if my dress doesn’t go with gold? Well, the good news is that both silver and gold go with pretty much everything, it’s just all about the right accessorizing and picking the right tints.

I would just like to clarify, before anyone says something, that when I’m talking about gold or silver I don’t mean actual gold or silver, hell I know we’re not all in Meghan Markle’s financial situation, but more about the color.

It’s a known fact that for years, women have tussled with this dilemma, and I was recently faced by it when I bought this gorgeous light purple dress for my friend’s wedding which would’ve looked amazing with either color of shoes and jewelry. After asking a few of my friends, however, I decided that gold was a much better color for me due to my warmer tan skin and blonde hair.

In general, I think gold looks amazing with warmer colors such as camel, brown, dark red and dark green, while silver is the perfect foil for cooler shades such as grey, navy, and pastels. Both colors, however, are a great match with our go-to black and whites, and let’s not forget how effective a good pair of metallic shoes can spice up a somewhat simple outfit.

The newest trend which started just last year has confirmed, however, that it is now acceptable to wear both metals at the same time, following an exploding Dior fashion show in Paris.

“It’s particularly chic to wear silver, gold, and bronze together,” says Monica Vinader, a British jewelry brand owner, for the Telegraph. As for which metals suit: “Rose gold looks best on pale skin. I love gold worn with dark hair and, as I get older, I think gold is the most flattering metal on me. Silver looks best with a tan.”

When it comes to jewelry, I really think it depends on what you’re wearing because some outfits just don’t need an added necklace or bracelet if you’re already wearing metallic shoes or top and are carrying a cute and shiny handbag (let’s not overdo it here). If you feel like your outfit is a bit basic then by no means do not hesitate to add a great gold or silver piece of jewelry, hell you can even add some in your hair!

Don’t forget however that gold and silver can also look great in the shape of clothes! Nothing beats a beautiful gold shirt, or a pair of silver pants to truly get the party started. Some might consider metallic clothing more of a winter or fall kind of color but I would like to disagree. Wouldn’t you agree that both metals look so much better on a sun-kissed skin? I certainly think so, and not to mention the perfect option for any type of summer celebrations such as festivals, Pride, weddings etc.

It’s funny how your taste in metallics can change over the year. I still remember being obsessed with silver charm necklaces from Thomas Sabo for my 18th birthday and now all I can think about is getting more gold dangly necklaces to accentuate my tan. But then, I found this article on Business Insider claiming that back in the early 2000s, silver was considered much more luxurious than gold thanks to brands such as Tiffany’s and Co. It seems however that the trend has now shifted back and that both metallics are pretty much as popular, wouldn’t you think?





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