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All it takes is a thorough look through your camera roll and saved folder on Instagram before you realize that many designers who showcased their collections during New York Fashion Week have gone above and beyond to create sumptuous pieces that have so far only pleased the eye, but soon enough will take over your skin too.

A cult favorite amongst our team in particular is the new wave of dresses ready to be worn in just a few months, should the weather allow. While for many, a dress may seem too feminine, flirty or fitting at first glance, you’d be surprised at how many have made the effort to transition from their go-to pants and jeans to a one-piece garment. It’s as easy as pie, once you put on a dress it’s like 90% of your outfit is done, and all you need is some fine tuning and appropriate accessories and shoes to close the deal. Some may prefer to start with their choice of shoes and work their way up, but we believe that once that one dress is properly zipped up, the rest remains a piece of cake!

I don’t think that dresses have to be your clothing of choice 24/7, but especially during colder months where the sky remains dark, grey and gloomy for a good portion of the day, it’s important to make at least the effort not to slip into a pair of comfortable leggings just for the sake of doing so. Which I guess bring me to my last point, being that if I can ask you for one favor it would be to think twice before settling on an outfit tomorrow morning. Throw on a dress you haven’t worn in a while, cinch it around your waist with your favorite belt and don’t forget your tights on your way out!

But just in case you need some motivation, as well as inspiration – scroll through to see what we’ve been crushing on since day 1 of NYFW (hello and thank you street style photographers!), and add to cart the one that tickles your fancy!

Shop 21 dresses that we’ll be choosing from for our next outfit of the day!

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