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After what truly seemed like a grueling winter followed by months on end with odd weather and nothing to wear as per usual, all it took was one look at this year’s Net-A-Porter summer sale, and it’s as if the occasional rain followed by bursting sunshine, with a flashback to a snowy morning never happened.

I first got introduced to this iconic sale a couple years ago, and together with the e-commerce’s winter sale is my favorite time of the year besides Christmas! This described delight upon entering a few weeks of marked down products hasn’t always been so *delightful*, to be completely frank with you. I perfectly remember when summer and winter sales (outlets too!) didn’t offer the kind of jewels you can stumble on nowadays. Stores and retailers would be vary to mark down highly fashionable pieces, let alone high-end designers at all! It used to be a conglomerate of pieces you either already owned, or were so out of place, you had to spend a good hour or two imagining a scenario when that piece would come to good use. Now though, high-end brands and retailers want to make the stuff more attainable, especially when it comes to their price-points.

The good news is, that times have changed! What some people might consider as a highly stress-inducing process is utterly soothing and calming to us. You see, not only do we stand and believe that an affordable lifestyle and wardrobe is attainable, we celebrate it when we find these gems that might remain unseen by others.

Not only was Monday morning the first Monday morning I looked forwarded to walking up to in a long time – I set my alarm bright and early, and after jugging down my daily water with lemon, I propped myself up on my bed, opened up my laptop and typed in with an almost childlike joy! As I had already anticipated, this season NAP will bring out the big guns – but where to start? Should I go straight for the main categories and start filtering or should I first head to my shopping bag and wish-list to take a look at which pieces made the cut? And by making the cut I *obviously* literally mean getting a price cut.

As all seasons go, new pieces come in and old trends make a comeback – but there’s a comforting feeling I associate with this particular sale, knowing full well that there’ll be a bevy of clothing, accessories and shoes for every style and personality out there. There’s marked down denim cut offs, jeans, classic tees, knitwear and blazers for stocking up on closet staples – then there’s also the uber trendy route you can go, with oversized sneakers, logo printed streetwear and neon hues to replace pastels this summer. But there’s also something for the quirky gal, with an extroverted sense of dressing, whose wishes can be fulfilled with a full gingham look paired with a pair of fruit salads subtly embellishing their earlobes, whilst carrying an embroidered straw bag.

With all the incredible sale deals on hand, it sure can be tricky to sort through all this retail snafu – which is where we come in hand dear readers and fellow shoppers! As I perused through my options, I derive so much joy from scrolling through what seem to be an infinite amount of pages, until my fingertips stop upon the one piece I never thought I needed, OR I had long given up on due to its price tag, trend cycle or simple necessity.

Have a browse yourself, or scroll through our carefully curated SALE edit, featuring the items which are currently percolating between our wish-lists. We only deemed it necessary to gather all our top picks including timeless classics and seasonal best-sellers to make sure your summer wardrobe is as foolproof as your travel schedule. 

And most importantly, don’t forget to share with us what you’ve been eyeing and/or considering purchasing!








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