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There’s something very special about London’s eastern neighborhoods, they’re up-and-coming with new buildings and apartments being built on a yearly basis, they’re super hype in terms of cool roof terraces and bars, but they also have the most secret shops filled with vintage treasures, gorgeous one-of-a-kind furniture and plenty of handmade goodies (oh and delicious street food).

As the creative hub of London, Shoreditch has got to be the best place to go if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and buy unique pieces of either clothing, furniture or jewelry. That’s right, there’s no Zara, H&M or even a Mango there which was very surprising to me at first, as these 3 are usually my go-to, but I’ve got to admit it’s nice to go beyond your comfort zone with your purchases sometimes, and as you already know, we’re all about finding that great bargain here at TWC, but also about making your shopping experience exciting and special.

To start, if you’re not super familiar with the neighborhood, we suggest you take the tube to Liverpool Street and walk down towards Brick Lane, the street with the most vintage shops you’ll ever find. For cool and unique prints, we strongly recommend Atika (formerly known as Blitz London), which is one of the biggest vintage shops in Europe. Don’t get too overwhelmed by the size of the place and the generous choices of items, just take your time and enjoy roaming through the alleys and looking through piles of incredibly cool clothes.


After spending a few hours at Atika and walking away with a generous bag of clothes, head down to the Sunday market, which is filled with bargains, second-hand coats, tops and dresses, and not to mention delicious street food. If vintage is not truly your thing, you can also walk down a few blocks to Redchurch Street, where you’ll discover a paradise for contemporary designers. As far as boutiques go, Monologue is one that seriously stands out, we’re obsessed with it. It’s a narrow yet great space, with contemporary goods, furniture, decorative accessories curated by emerging designers.

Ever feel like buying something you don’t necessarily need, but can’t leave the shop without? Discover Modern Society, a one part design shop and one part coffee shop where you can get your caffeine fix whilst unearthing original 18th century photographs, and porcelain tableware.

But my personal favorite spot on that street is the luxury perfume shop, Le Labo. If you’ve never been, I highly suggest you head over there today (as in, right away!). You’ll walk out of there with your own hand-picked and personalized perfume bottle (with your name written on it) which is such a rich and fun experience or a great place to bring the bride to be, or birthday girl.

You’ve got a full shopping day ahead of you? Then you definitely have to head down to Aida, the trendy concept store that offers much more than just rails of apparel. This is pretty much Shoreditch’s best neighborhood hangout. Come with your friends, discover new and chic indie labels, but also fill that much-needed wardrobe essential with rails of t-shirts, beachwear, occasion dresses and much more… The prices vary, but let’s just say you can easily find your dream dress for £80. Not to mention the incredible choice for menswear, with most basic shirts starting at £45. Talk about retail paradise!

Rest assured, it’s not just about clothes in Shoreditch, you can also roam the streets on a Sunday and buy a bouquet of flowers at the Columbia Flower Market. We weren’t kidding, this hood is basically the place to be.


And finally, to wind down and think about all the amazing outfits you’ll be able to put together with all your brand new purchases, finish your trip at The Boundary Project. This is, according to a lot of locals, the best place to eat, drink and even sleep. The hotel contains 17 individual rooms, three restaurants, two bars and a deli!


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