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Few things have the ability to rival an item you just purchased that is not only durable, stylish, gets the job done (whatever that may be), is relatively affordable and won’t cause you to question said purchase with doubt and regret mere moments or days after. And so begins the start of our new column on The Weekly Cut dubbed “The One Where/When/With” (fill in with the appropriate adverb). Launching this February, our team will aim to help you discover what we’re currently coveting and clicked “buy now” on. Whether it’s the latest face wash that blows out of the way any other product you’ve used before to clean your skin, that one style of boots you swear can be purchased on the high street as opposed to at a high-end price, that one plant that transformed the vibe of your home and also acts as a natural antidepressant, just to name a few. Welcome to the one thing you share with and text everyone about and influence to buy for their own pleasure too!

Dipping a toe into the water of fresh new arrivals and mere moments later you find yourself purchasing something you may or may not have needed to begin with. This week on The One With, we share the body lotion that could double up as a perfume: gypsy water by Byredo. If you’re looking to add a touch of indulgence to your shower routine, then this one’s definitely for you – the perfume is one of the best selling smells by the brand with a world wide cult following, and once it got transformed into a cream, there’s no going back to traditional moisturizing.

The texture is quite fluid and non-sticky, the smell derives from bergamot, lemon and pepper notes giving you an all-encompassing fragrance for the rest of the day. All you’ll need is to top off with only a spritz or two of your usual perfume, and you’re ready to go. Not into wearing fragranced lotion every day of the week? Make it a special occasion and only use it for a night out or an event that way it won’t go to waste!

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