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Few things have the ability to rival an item you just purchased that is not only durable, stylish, gets the job done (whatever that may be), is relatively affordable and won’t cause you to question said purchase with doubt and regret mere moments or days after. And so begins the start of our new column on The Weekly Cut dubbed “The One Where/When/With” (fill in with the appropriate adverb). Launching this February, our team will aim to help you discover what we’re currently coveting and clicked “buy now” on. Whether it’s the latest face wash that blows out of the way any other product you’ve used before to clean your skin, that one style of boots you swear can be purchased on the high street as opposed to at a high-end price, that one plant that transformed the vibe of your home and also acts as a natural antidepressant, just to name a few. Welcome to the one thing you share with and text everyone about and influence to buy for their own pleasure too!

Dipping a toe into the water of fresh new arrivals and mere moments later you find yourself purchasing something you may or may not have needed to begin with. This week on The One With, we share what would be a rather uncommon summer home accessory, but one we have learned to find absolutely necessary: the Big Sur After Rain candle by D.S. Durga. With hearty magnolia notes, eucalyptus leaf and coastal rain, it’s the perfect smell for stormy days, long nights on the patio and movie nights. It’s no surprise it’s sold out in most places, but we do encourage you to get one for your own home, or as a gift to your first night over at a friend’s house!

The scent also comes in various other formats like hand soap, sanitizer so there’s plenty to choose from where that came from. Also, while this may be the one candle we love, the company has a full range of other smells we know you’ll love as much as we do. Try the fragrance enhancer I Don’t Know What, or Jazmín Yucateco for a hint of vetiver, bergamot and clove.

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