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Whether you love it or hate it, biker shorts are back for spring/summer and it is going to be rather difficult to avoid spotting them everywhere. Truth be told, I hated the trend last year – I thought it looked unflattering on most people, tight as hell and should stay where they belong, hence in a spinning class or Tour de France Nike-sponsored outfit. Alas, some things come back season after season and sometimes all it takes is a hard double-take and BAM! you’re enamoured and ready to take the plunge. After seeing the recurring trend via Mango’s enviable collection in a pistachio green shade, then later on unfathomably chic styled by Vogue Ukraine’s Fashion Director Julie Pelipas, I knew I was ready to dip my toes in the bike shorts pool.

A quick research later and what d’ya know, I slowly accumulated a few styles I’d gladly try on to start with. Though the original biker short is primarily made from a blend of polyester and a dash of spandex, I’m here to tell you that I found some in a soft denim as well as leather that I find pretty hard to say no to. Polyester and spandex will always remind me of a cycling class or a Kardashian sister, and to be honest with you – I’d only wear those if the chances of being served a steaming bowl of cacio e pepe pasta isn’t in the horizon. A bloated belly in a skin-tight biker short isn’t a look I feel comfortable being seen in, let alone wearing! So take this – denim doesn’t sound that bodycon to me (bonus point!) and I won’t have to double check I packed seamless underwear to wear beneath.

More than just the material aspect, I am pleased to see different iterations used to describe this particular type of short pants – this retailer called their style a cycling short, and all denim versions have coined the term denim bermuda to describe their designs. I like bermuda – it kinda reminds me of old-fashioned ladies who refuse to wear any short shorts despite hot weather, it’s like the summer rendition of a mom jean.

If you’re not quite sure how to wear them, browse through our edit as I share my personal touch and styled each biker short with a bevy of suggestive items.

Featured images via Mango

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