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I’m wildly (im)patient to try new trends and seasonal bursts of popularity – yet I’m in the unique position to propose to you the one trend that didn’t even bother to change from last summer to this year’s, and I’m fully ok with that, if not *truly* delighted. Being in the unfortunate position of having to be the bearer of bad news – or in our language/world, a dose of fresh new arrivals to lust over – there is one style of shoes we cannot wait to slip our carefully pedicured feet into.

The open toe strappy sandals which made their appearance on the fashion scene last June, mainly pioneered by high-street retailer and high-end designer duo The Row, were all we needed for a holiday in the sun or a staycation in the city. Their relatively short and comfortable heel (in both cases) made it easy to navigate through hoards of tourists and sweat-drenched subway trips. Being equally useful when wandering through beach towns around the Mediterranean, they were the perfect pair to wear whilst (literally) running errands like snapping up a last-minute bouquet of flowers for your weekend host, to dancing away the night on the weekend. See how I used the past-tense to describe their purpose just a few months away? That serves no need anymore, because open strappy sandals are just as popular this summer as they were last, if not more!

Luckily, or shall I say unluckily for us, more and more designers have jumped on the strappy sandals wagon and are serving up some damn fine pieces to add to our upcoming footwear collection. From last year’s overly coveted black and red styles by Zara (still in stock as of yesterday), to The Row’s version in a multitude of colours (we’re thinking to add white and that petrol blue), passing by Gianvito Rossi’s mirrored leather sandals and Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s and LPA’s cutout suede mules.

If you’re not one to invest in 5-inch heeled platform sandals and call anything higher than 2 inches a thing of the past – chances are you’ll fall in love with these barely there strappy sandals before you have the time to book your next holiday.

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