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Coming across a new collection and slowly swiping through the different looks, styles and trends can be both a blessing and a curse. Slowly the questions start to boil in our minds: is this top really worth the price tag? Will I put good use to these pants even though they cost a good fraction of my monthly pay check? Those are all valid questions we make sure to run through before completing any purchase. Hence why we created The Weekly Cut in the first place, so that we take the trouble out of your hands and help you live and shop consciously.

For this segment of under £100 purchases I asked my team their go-to spots for price-worthy pieces, from form-fitting basics, to this season’s footwear. Oh and even though the price tag never exceeds £100, we made sure to only include the picks that could pass by for triple or more the price. Because you know that not all that shines is glitter, and the same goes for fashion – we’ve learned by now that the price tag doesn’t always reflect and justify the actual piece, and we like to think that after all these years of scouring for the best affordable pieces and receiving an abundance of compliments as a consequence tells us that we might know a thing or two about keeping the *good stuff* under £100.

And what better time to shop without worrying about breaking the bank just as summer comes to an end? After long weekends and an endless quest to the best swimwear and kaftans, we’re getting back to our roots and want to make sure you don’t miss a bargain when we see one.

To keep things in true TWC fashion, we rounded up our best recommendations into 5 categories, ranging from tops & knitwear to dresses, skirts, accessories and more! Shop along and tell us where you like to shop for under £100 purchases!






Featured images via Pixie Market

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