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While we’re all out checking the best shopping platforms to find the latest deal in this season’s trends, think tie dye, fringes, neon and florals, here’s a little reminder that some of spring/summer’s hottest pieces might be right at your fingertips, or so to say, in your wardrobe. See, as much as we indulge getting vested in trying out seasonal picks, it is our job after all – we’re equally as enthusiastic about recycling past outfits, or in this case accessories.

Not only are we *recycling* a wardrobe favorite, we’re transforming it into something to wear in a bevy of different ways. There’s a 99.9% chance that you were once gifted (or shall we say blessed?) with a classic silk scarf. Whether it was a graduation present from a family member, a holiday gift from your company, or better yet, a vintage hand me down from your grandmother. The most known and timeless brand for a silk scarf is undoubtedly French powerhouse Hermès. Cherished by a multitude of fashion lovers worldwide for their classic cuts, high quality fabrics and creative prints, the brand has stood the test of time even though many tried to get ahead of the curve and subsequently failed.

Silk scarves can be purchased pretty much everywhere nowadays, from the above mentioned Hermès, to Burberry’s eponymous house design to high street retailers getting inspiration to create their own pieces. Though there are plenty of upsides to this piece of accessory – it’s not often clear exactly how to wear it, without automatically looking like a grown woman. The mom kind or business CEO we’re thriving to be – so in the meantime, how can and should you wear a silk scarf if you’re not OK with it sitting folded in your closet not getting any wear whatsoever?

The answer is pretty straightforward: style it in unusual ways that will look out of the ordinary to the usual silk scarf wearers. Forget tying it twice around your neck and fixing it with a knot at the risk of suffocating 30 min later. Yes, you’d be surprised how tight silk can feel! Instead, opt for more functional ways, like tying it as a halterneck top, finished off with a V-style hem. Alternatively you could simply tie it up with more material creating a crop top ready to show off those obliques you’ve worked all winter on. Pair that with some high-waisted flared pants and some wedges and you’re good to go. However, if this all sounds too daring, we recommend wearing it as a bandana, headscarf or simply wrapped around your ponytail or fishtail braid.

Lastly, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one that looks way bigger than a makeshift top, transform yours into a skirt or dress. No need for buttons, and you’re free to decide how tight you’d like it to fit.

If that isn’t inspiration enough, see what we picked out and shop 15 pieces to either transform into a top, or wear right away with your bottom of choice

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