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The blazer is the more relaxed cut cousin of a suit jacket – conveniently structured and designed to be worn outdoors. It was first introduced as an alternative to a suit jacket in 1837 when Queen Victoria supposedly was lacking uniforms for the crew of one her ships and hence had them dress with navy jackets adorned with shiny buttons, giving off a much more casual vibe. Alternatively, the blazer emerged from the so-called “rowing blazers”, worn by rowers at the University of Cambridge’s Lady Margaret Boat Club.

Either way, and whichever story speaks to you most, the blazer or sports jacket offered a substantial alternative to dressing up in a full suit. Not to mention that generally, suit jackets have a higher price tag as they’re made out of finer materials, therefore red, blue and other blazers were a reasonable option to dress up without going all the way.

Why would you need to add one more to your closet, you ask? Piece of cake question if you ask us – that’s because you simply cannot have enough blazers. We’re not talking about buying them on repeat, like these items – but about renewing them once in a blue moon once you feel like you might be done with one or the other. The classic cuts like a sleek black blazer, or a double-breasted Prince of Whales pattern never go out of style, hence should be kept safely in your capsule wardrobe. But what about the in-the-moment pieces, like this one adorned with gold buttons, or this one with embellished lapels? These are the pieces that will instantly elevate your look. Especially if you’re the kind of working gal that might push the snooze button one too many times per week and has got about 10 minutes to get ready for work.

For those urgent cases – we recommend dressing up a casual look like a white tee with straight high-waisted trousers like these, with this blazer. Or when it’s still below zero temperatures and you refuse to wear your winter coat – why not top your heavy knit turtleneck with this wool blazer (or this velvet one on sale)? And before you leave to shop that blazer we’re talking about – keep in mind you can also spice it up by wearing a half floral, half ruffled ultra feminine blouse like this one (on sale BTW), beneath it – and also to stand out amongst the usual button downs.

The good news is that we think you won’t need much convincing to get on board with today’s hot topic, considering it’s a veritable wardrobe staple. The bad news is that there are so many good options currently available – especially in the high-street compartment. From double-breasted designs, to stripes, embellishments and funky buttons, scroll through to shop our top finds.

Whichever rings the most bells, don’t be shy and share how you wear this staple in the comments below!


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